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Honey Drop

The Natural Power of Real Honey with Robitussin

The wonders of natural honey just got even better with new Robitussin Honey. It's the only over-the-counter cough and cold formula that contains this much real, True Source Certified honey-with 19.2% in every bottle. No other product on the shelf offers this much honey plus effective cough relief.

True Source Certified Honey

Why True Source Honey?

We value the importance of ethically sourced honey. That's why Robitussin uses True Source Certified honey. It's handled safely from hive to table, environmentally responsible, and of the highest quality to maintain deliciousness. Look for the seal on all of our new Robitussin Honey products and learn more about True Source here.

No Artificial Colors

Only that True Honey Color

Why use artificial colors when you can show off the true golden color of REAL honey. With 19.2% real honey in every bottle and no artificial colors, you're always getting the honey you love with the trusted relief of Robitussin.

Gluten Free

Gluten-Free Formula

Honey is naturally gluten-free, and Robitussin only uses REAL honey. Our Robitussin Honey products have also been tested to ensure a gluten-free formula.

Recycable Packaging

100% Recyclable Packaging

The bottle, cap and box on Robitussin products are fully recyclable. Support sustainability efforts by dropping off your used Robitussin products at your nearest recycling center.

Save in-store

Get $1 off on your next purchase of Robitussin Honey

honey bottle
Robitussin-Honey-3-pack: Cough-Chest-Congestion-DM, Nighttime-Cough-DM, Children’s-Cough-Chest-Congestion-DM

Proven Relief plus Real Honey

It's the real honey you love plus the fast, effective cough relief of Robitussin.

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True Source Certified HoneyGluten FreeNo Artificial Colors
Robitussin-Honey-Cough-Chest-Congestion-DM pack, Robitussin-Extended-Release-12hour-Cough-Relief-pack, Robitussin-Maximum-Strength-Severe-Multisymptom-cough-cold-flu-pack, Robitussin-Maximum-Strength-Nighttime-Cough-DM, Robitussin-Children’s-Cough-Chest-Congestion-DM

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