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Indoor Activities for Kids at Home

Whether your little ones are at home because of bad weather, school closures or other circumstances, keeping them occupied can feel daunting. From games to baking to organizing the closet, there are plenty of educational and entertaining indoor activities for kids! We’ve compiled eight of our favorite fun things to do with kids at home that will keep everyone entertained all day long, parents included.

Indoor Activities for Kids at Home
  1. Make a fort. Use blankets, pillows, chairs or even empty cardboard boxes to build a cozy hideaway right in your living room. Take things to the next level by breaking out the camping equipment!
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt. Create an indoor treasure hunt by hiding items like stuffed animals or kitchen utensils around the house. Make sure the kids keep a tally of what they find!
  3. Bake together. Spending an afternoon making a cake, cookies or brownies is a great way to strengthen everyone’s kitchen skills. Plus, you get rewarded with a sweet treat at the end!
  4. Write a letter to a friend or family member. We all love getting letters in the mail, so why not use your time indoors to rekindle a pen pal? Have your littles ones make the most of the page by including drawings, stickers and plenty of colors.
  5. Organize the closet. While cleaning might not be number one on your kids’ list of fun ways to spend an afternoon, cleaning out the closet is a productive task to tackle. Let the kids help decide what to keep and what to donate.
  6. Plant an indoor garden or terrarium. If you have space for a window box, planting herbs like basil, parsley and thyme is a great indoor activity for kids. If space is limited, try a terrarium with low-maintenance plants like cacti, peperomia and succulents.
  7. Play charades. Get the whole family together for an uproarious game of charades! Act, mime and guess the night away.
  8. Start a journal. Have your kids engage in a little reflection by writing in a diary or journal. This is a great activity when everyone needs a little quiet time. If your kids are too small to write, have them dictate their thoughts so a parent or older sibling can write them down.

Quotation marksWe’ve compiled eight of our favorite fun things to do with kids at home that will keep everyone entertained all day long, parents included.Quotation marks

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